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January 10, 1943 - Greenhouse Three

Augustus approached the greenhouse, pulling the first drag or two from his cigarette. The lights were on -- it wasn’t too late, and apparently the Hufflepuff kept her promises. He grinned, stepping into the considerably warmer building. Eyeing the girl down by one of the beds of flowers, Rookwood dropped his cigarette and ground it into lifelessness with the toe of his boot. Then, taking a moment to discretely pop a small mint into his mouth, Augustus slipped down the aisle -- trench coat flaring as if in a slow-motion movie. Damn. ((OOC: Boy. He's awesome.))

Lida looked up and smiled and she saw him coming over. "Hello. It was getting late. I was worrying you weren't going to show up." She got to her feet and brushed the dirt off her front. "Just thought I'd check on my herbology project while I was out here," she said, gesturing to the small plant at her feet.

Augustus raised a brow. "I see. And you needed a spade for that, Spores?" Augustus gestured to the tool at her feet, smirking slightly. "Rather phallic, isn't it?"

"What?" Lida asked cocking her head. "Well, I needed it to pot the plant. And I'm not quite sure what you mean by 'phallic,'" she said, stumbling over the unfamiliar word.

... oi. Augustus leaned against the nearby counter, cowboy hat tipped low over his vision -- casting shadows across his slightly amused features. "Maybe one day it'll be part of your standard vocabulary," mused the Slytherin, turning and spitting the mint across the room with a smooth pffoomp. Yes, pffoomp. He glanced back at Lida. "So you like plants, eh?"

Lida grinned and nodded. "Yup. I've just always felt they're kind of like humans in a way, you know? And they're very good listeners. And they are so many types... I could probably study them forever!"

Augustus rolled his eyes inwardly. She's nutters. Absolutely. It's time this girl became interested in something other than bloody plants. He straightened, eyeing Lida. "I can listen too, you know," Rookwood mentioned off-handedly.

Lida smiled at him. "Maybe we could be friends then," she said. Honestly, she didn't know what all this fuss was about. Slytherins seemed perfectly nice to her... "So what do you do, if you don't do much Herbology?" she asked.

Friends... Augustus smirked slightly, eyeing Lida up and down openly -- knowing full well she wouldnt notice. "Hmmm... I could show you..." Pointed pause. "... my friend."

She glanced over his shoulder but didn't see anyone coming. It was nearly curfew. "Who?" she asked, eyebrows furrowing in confusion.

It took Augustus a moment to realize how very confusing his words had been. "Oi, Spore. I mean: I could show you what I do best, friend." He paused, eyeing Lida expectantly, as if giving her a moment to absorb the information. He honestly had an almost slow, condescending air to him... "Got it?"

"Oh, okay," she said, beaming again. She was never not smiling for long. "So what do you do?"
Augustus studied Lida for a moment longer, before smoothly stepping closer. One hand cupping her cheek, the other slipped to her waist. Commence inevitable snogging. It was slow and soft -- a mere introduction. Then, before she could struggle or complain or even blink, Rookwood retreated. He raised a brow, waiting for a reaction.

Lida blinked at him. She hadn't been kissed since she was in second year, and it had been messy and sudden, but this was... well this was quite different. "Oh," she said, blinking some more.

Augustus offered a teasing, cocky smirk. "Did you enjoy that... Lida?" drawled the Slytherin, leaning against the counter again. He was patient -- and casually slipped her name into conversation, too.

"Well, it was... certainly more... interesting... than my last... kiss," she said a little breathlessly. She could tell her face had gone red. This was entirely unexpected...

"I should hope so -- I pride myself on my originality, talent, and uniqueness," Augustus noted, tipping the brim of his hat back slightly and appraising Lida. "You look rather cute when you blush, you know..."

Lida blushed harder. "I'm not trying to, it's just... well, you're a very good kisser, Augustus," she admitted. "Not," she added in a rush, "that I have much basis for comparison, of course."

Augustus paused, mulling over his next mode of attack. Finally, with a crooked grin, the Slytherin fluidly rolled into position -- arms wrapped around Lida's waist, pinning her effectively against the counter. He reached up, brushing her hair from her eyes. "You're not so bad yourself, Lida." Always give them what they want to hear.

"Well, I hardly, I mean, I don't..." Lida broke off, feeling hopelessly flustered. "Are you going to kiss me again?" she couldn't help but ask in a very small voice.

Without bothering with a reply, Augustus leaned forward -- making as if to kiss Lida again. But, as soon as her lips had parted slightly in eager anticipation, Augustus paused. His lips just barely brushing hers, Augustus smirked. "Mmm. Looks like you want it, now..."

"Well... you can't tease me like that you know!" Lida said indignantly, pouting a little.
"Au contraire, Lida," Augustus replied, moving to kiss those pouting lips again -- only to stop just as she slipped from her pout. "Oops. Not yet..." Buwhahaha.

"Well, if all you're going to do is tease then I'm going back to the castle, it's cold," she said, trying to get out of his grasp. She really shouldn't be here anyway...

Augustus held Lida firmly. "Hmmm... well I suppose you're right," Rookwood shrugged, carelessly. He released Lida -- always one to leave them wanting more. "It was a pleasure meeting you, Spore. Really." He winked, tipping his hat slightly. "Though you are right. It's quite cold. I'll be off then." And with a flare of his duster, Augustus turned and strode out of the greenhouse. Mission complete.

Lida stood blinking after him in confusion, not sure if she was glad he was gone or not.
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