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Augustus Seduces Another Innocent: Morna Bones

Morna walked around the lake, thankful for the solitude for once. It was much too loud in the common room, and even louder in the library for some reason. She smiled to herself as she looked up at the cloudless sky. Tonight would be good for sneaking out to stargaze.

Early for his "meeting" with Lida, Augustus was leaning comfortably against a tree by the lake. The greenhouses weren't far away, and when the hour came, Rookwood would wander over to continue Lida's "lessons". At the moment, though, his attention was seized by another Hufflepuff. Shadows shrouding his features, cowboy hat pulled low over his eyes, and trenchcoat flapping in the wind, Augustus eyed Morna... Another one? Just my luck...

Morna paused her walking to watch the figure leaning up againt the tree. Who is that?

"Staring isn't polite," Augustus intoned, his voice -- strong and calm -- barely heard over the whipping breeze across the lake. "If you're interested, join me." No smirk. No other sign of acknowledgement. The shadowy, cowboy-hat wearing, trenchcoat cliche remained still.

Morna took a few steps towards the man. "I don't mean to be rude, but who are you?" She kept her voice polite. No reason to offend anyone.

"Augustus Rookwood... The First," replied the Slytherin, adding the title for sheer amusement. Gaze shadowed by the wide brim of his hat, Augustus took the oppurtunity to appraise Morna. Cute visage... average physique... lovely hair... "And whose aquaintance have I made tonight?"

"Morna Bones." She replied with a grin. The First?

Augustus nodded shortly. Linda Bones'... relative. "Hufflepuff -- Sixth Year, no?"

"Yes." Morna replied. "And you? What house?"

"The House of Salazer," Augustus responded, reaching up and tipping the broad rim of his cowboy hat with a hint of a smirk. "Tell me... Morna -- may I call you Morna? ... what are you doing out on such a chilly evening?"

"Wandering." Morna replied. "What else would you call me? Of course you may call me Morna. If I may call you Augustus."

"I prefer sir," Augustus said quietly, and it was -impossible- to tell whether he was kidding or not. Wandering... Hmm. Likely not meeting with anyone -- so maybe no one will notice if she's a bit late...

Morna arched an eyebrow. "Then I prefer Miss Bones." A slight chill crept into her words.

Augustus decided this little... game of words was quite amusing. "As you wish, Miss Bones," rumbled Augustus, reaching out and lifting her hand to his lips. A very... un-Slytherin move. And the game is afoot.

Morna smiled and gave a mock curtsey. "Thank you very much sir."

"I shall give you a host of name to choose from, and it would be kind of you to use each of them intermittedly. Agreed, Miss Bones?" Augustus offered, releasing her hand. Personally, Augustus loved hearing the good little Hufflepuff address him so formally. Without waiting for an answer, Augustus continued. "Lord Augustus, Master Rookwood, my lord, and, of course, sir." He grinned slightly, tilting his head and wondering if she might agree to the little game.

Two can play this game. "Then my good sir, you may call me, Miss Bones, my lady, Ms. Morna or even if you wish Morna." I may be a Hufflepuff, but I am not stupid.

"Fair enough, Miss Bones," Augustus replied, though mentally made a note never to call the younger girl my lady. He allowed a small grin, eyeing Morna up and down again discretely...

Morna grinned. "Glad that we can agree on something."

Augustus pushed away from the treetrunk, turning his gaze to the lighted greenhouses. "Personally, the cold doesn't bother me," Augustus announced. "But I'm meeting someone in an hour or so -- and you look a little flushed. Would you mind accompanying me to the greenhouse and keeping me company, Miss Bones?"

Morna nodded. "It is a tad chilly out here." She shivered.

Augustus nodded shortly, and then moved on without another word. True, Augustus could have taken her hand or arm, but he had to maintain some Slytherinly aspects. He led Morna into the fourth greenhouse -- one that was almost -too- warm. It was the storehouse for tropical plants: steamy, moist, and bright with huge leafy plants.

Morna sighed wiht happiness. "I love this one." She grinned. "It is so warm. The plants are so colorful too." She grinned and looked at him.

One hour. Augustus reminded himself, letting Morna pass him and step into the depths of the greenhouse. With his wand sheathed in his trenchcoat's right sleeve, he whispered a charm, locking the only entrance into the chamber -- which just happened to be the only exit, too. "It is lovely, isn't it?" Augustus mused, patiently waiting for the heat to begin to affect the heavily-dressed Morna Bones.

"Mmhmm.." Morna, who was inspecting a plant, didn't notice his actions at all. "I didn't think you Slytherins fancied the warmth."

"It has its... plusses," Augustus murmured, hiding a smirk. He studied Morna for a moment, before his patience began to wither. Pretending to observe one of the large, green plants, Augustus whispered another charm: one that gradually spread through the entire greenhouse -- raising the temperature steadily, but quickly. This ought to help...

Morna frowned. Why is it so much warmer than usual? She shook her head and took off her warm woolen cloak. Folding it neatly she placed it on a stool.

Augustus raised a brow, pleased with her progress but feigning curiosity. "Are you warm?" Augustus queried, eyeing her in her school uniform now -- black robes, white blouse, yellow and black tie, skirt, long socks, and shoes... Hmm. This was better.

"Hot is more like it." Morna replied slipping out of the black robes. "Aren't you warm?"

Augustus was silent for a moment, weighing his options. Perhaps she'll be more... open, if I too play this game. Shrugging out of his trenchcoat, Augustus was careful to make sure his wand was securely concealed. He was not wearing his black robes this evening, and casually rolled the sleeves of his white dress shirt up to his elbows. "Rather... it's a bit toastier than usual, isn't it?" And even still, the spell continued to augment the temperature -- it was getting hotter by the minute.

Morna nodded, feeling a little bit lightheaded. She blinked woozily at Augustus, the room spinning.

Augustus studied Morna carefully, stepping closer and wrapping an arm around her waist gently. "You look a little disoriented, Miss Bones -- perhaps you're too warm?" Augustus murmured, using his surperior height to gaze down at... well, her chest.

Morna nodded. "Its too warm." She said collapsing against Augustus, not passing out but just losing control of her ablility to stand.

Augustus adjusted the girl in his arms, so she rested with her back against his chest. Keeping one arm around her waist, Augustus reached for her blouse -- and promptly seized her tie, loosening it deftly. "Perhaps this will help, Morna..." murmured Augustus, discarding her tie on the greenhouse floor. One piece at a time.

"Hey.." Morna said weakly. "What are you playing at?" She stared. "Its not proper at all."

Augustus offered Morna a feigned smile. "I'm merely making you more comfortable, Miss Bones," replied the Slytherin, unbuttoning only the -top- button. "Perhaps being able to breathe more easily will help, no?"

"That is enough." Morna said stepping away from him. She stared up frightened now.

Augustus tilted his head, innocence incarnate. "What is it, Morna?" asked Augustus, taking off his hat and placing it aside. "I meant no harm. I was hoping maybe if you lost your tie, you might be able to breathe better... and not feint." He shrugged his shoulders. "But if you want your tie back..."

"The tie is fine on the ground." Morna replied doing the top button back up. "That was uncalled for." She said softly.

"My apologies, Miss Bones," said Augustus, bowing his head briefly. "It was only the top button -- I thought it might allow better ventilation."

"It is not proper." Morna blushed a dark red. "Someone could see it."

"See what?" Augustus inquired calmly, leaning against the closest workbench. "I was only trying to help. Furthermore... we are alone." The temperature was no longer rising, but it was getting more humid. Like a sauna. Augustus' own shirt was soaked, clinging to his muscled chest and accenting his physique. He loosened his own tie, but did not remove it completely.

"This.." Morna waved her hand around. She frowned as she pulled her soaked shirt away from her skin letting air in then letting it fall back with a wet sound.

Augustus eyed the now -very- pronounced curves of the younger girl's body. She was quite curvy... "Nonsense. No one would come here at this hour." He offered a mild smile... and slowly started to unbutton his shirt. "I hope you're not offended, Miss Bones. But I'm uncomfortably overdressed in this heat."

Morna stared in shock as he started to unbutton his shirt. I think it just got hotter in here. "Not at all." Morna manged to say.

Augustus kept his gaze lowered on his own chest, 'modestly'. He discarded his shirt a short while later, muscles rippling under a sheen of sweat. He glanced up, grinning lopsidedly. He could play the slightly embarrassed boy to the max. "Oi. Sorry... I'm not much for working out," murmured Augustus -- though it was clear from his supreme physique that it was a lie.

Morna simply nodded. "Lucky. My brothers work out like fiends."

Augustus rolled his shoulders, shrugging. He fell silent, pretending to examine another flower... as the temperature and humidity rose. It was like a furnace, now.

Morna reached for her school robes. "I wonder if I could somehow lower the temperature in here. It's extreme."

Augustus frowned, stepping forward. "No... casting spells in here could be risky -- don't take the chance." He firmly planted his hand on her robes, smiling slightly. He was much closer now... A big, sweaty, muscled Slytherin...

Morna gulped. "Whatever you say." She stepped back from the intimidating form leaning over her.

Augustus, remaining between Morna and her wand, waited once more... The particular spell Augustus had used had one more very odd effect. The spell itself mimicked the rainforest, augmenting a region's temperature and humidity... and also mirroring a certain plant's unique ability. The air now began to fill with a sweet fragrance -- pheromones, that affected both male and female. The spores drifted around the room, teasing with the senses. And increasing desires. Augustus swallowed, composing himself. He knew what was coming -- and he was thus prepared. Morna on the other hand...

Morna glanced about fanning herself. "Smells lovely in here.." She said eyeing Augustus.

"Quite," Augustus replied, nodding as his gaze travelled over Morna again... It was all the bare-chested Slytherin could do to control himself.

Morna grinned. "You have the best stomach muscles I have ever seen."

"Why thank you, Miss Bones," drawled Augustus, grinning slightly. And what might you want to do with my chest, then?

"You could wash clothes on them." Morna muttered. She licked her lips.

"You could do a lot more than that..." murmured Augustus, leaning back against another workbench casually.

What is he talking about? Morna stared her eyes travling his body. She settled herself onto a stool.

Augustus approached non-threateningly, standing before the seated Morna -- his chest level with her gaze. He was silent, grinning slightly and eyeing Morna...

Morna grinned her eyes drawn to his chest. "Pretty.." She muttered.

Augustus, caving slightly to the aura of the spell, reached up and stroked Morna's hair softly. "Isn't it?" Augustus prompted.

"Mmhmm..." Morna approved. "Sweaty too..."

Augustus trailed the back of his fingers across her cheek, toying with a moist strand of her hair. "Perhaps a little sodium, then, would quench your desires?" Augustus offered. Sweat was salty.

Morna looked up at him. "I coudn't do that.." She murmured. "Wouldn't be proper not at all."

"It could be our secret, Miss Bones," offered Augustus, stroking her cheek lightly. He was evil after all -- and lived to seduce good girls to the darkness. "Please?"

Morna blushed. "You would tell." She shook her head and leaned forward.

Perhaps I would... but the power of the spell obliterates stubborn reason... Augustus smiled, coaxing her on by petting her soft hair gently...

Morna shuddered. "Kiss me." The words were out of her mouth before she could stop them.

Augustus lifted her chin slightly, kissing her lips softly and briefly. "... now, kiss -me-," murmured Augustus, releasing her chin.

Morna stood and dragged his mouth down to hers. She kissed him hungrily and just a little clumsily, as she didn't do that often.

Augustus smirked inwardly, allowing Morna to succumb to the charm's effects. He kissed her back, though with some level of self-control. Let her go wild.

Morna stepped away after a few minutes. "Well.."

"Yes, Morna?" Augustus said slowly, eyes studying her carefully...

"That's interesting." She panted. "I think that it is cooling down in here."

Bloody hell... Augustus raised a brow. "Even so... would you mind terribly if I kissed you again, Miss Bones?"

Morna shook her head. "Kiss away.." She giggled girlishly.

Perhaps I won't need the spell now... Augustus grinned, tilting her chin up again and meeting her lips... Mmm. She really did taste quite yummy. Innocence was Augustus' favorite flavor.

Morna would have indeed blushed if she knew what she was doing. As she kissed Augustus she wrapped her arms around his neck, pulling him closer to her.

Augustus was only too happy to draw her closer, pulling the sweating girl flush against his bare chest. Even if it the spell was waning, it was still quite warm... He slowly pressed Morna back against a high workbench, the edge of the counter even with her waist...

Morna pulled away regretfully. "You do taste good."

Augustus grinned, reaching up and tucking a damp curl behind her ear. "It's mutual, Miss Bones," murmured the Slytherin, hands resting comfortably on her hips. Suddenly, his features took on an air of... concern. Feigned concern, of course. He was still playing Morna. "Oi, Morna... Are you comfortable with this?" Augustus asked suddenly, looking very uncertain. This is too easy...

Morna glanced down and bit her lip. "Not really." She admitted.

Weighing his options, Augustus released her hips. He didn't step back, yet -- giving her time to stop him. C'mon, darn it. This bloody spell took months to research... He kept his gaze even on Morna, nodding slowly. "I understand..."

Morna stuck her tongue out a bit as she ran her index finger down the center of his chest, and down his stomach. "Hmm?"

Augustus raised a brow, gaze dropping to watch her finger slide down his muscular torso... "Well, I just don't want to do anything you're not comfortable with..." murmured the Slytherin, though of course, in actuality, he couldn't give a damn what she was comfortable with.

"Oh." Morna replied as she sucked lightly on the finger she had just run down Augustus' body. "You are rather tasty."

Augustus smirked inwardly. "Ah... see, now you're getting your sodium," nodded the Slytherin, grinning lopsidedly. Patient, Augustus began to wonder if maybe she'd be daring enough to just go right for the source with her tongue, instead of her finger...

Morna's hands danced lightly up the Sltherin's sides. She leaned forward and darted her tongue against his chest. If the plant had not been affecting her she would have been appaled at her behavior.

Augustus felt an odd shiver lance up his spine. With a small rumble of approval, the Slytherin slipped his arms around her waist. "That's it... a girl needs her minerals." Right.

She flicked her tongue against the solid wall of his chest dragging it downwards slowly. I don't care much for salt really.

Augustus shuddered, once again pinning her firmly against the bench. "I like that..." Augustus admitted under his breath.

Morna looked up at him and pulled her mouth away from his body. "What was that?"

I said I liked it, dammit -- Augustus caught himself, putting on a slight grin. "I like when you do that, Morna," murmured Augustus, fingers tracing patterns on the small of her back -- the curves of which were easily felt through the sweat-drenched fabric of her blouse.

Morna reached up and brought his mouth down to hers again. Really tastes good.

Augustus allowed the kiss to continue for a moment, keeping his tongue suitably under control. After a moment, Augustus drew back. "What about me, Miss Bones? Do I get my sodium?" He fought to hide a teasing smirk, putting on his best genuine curiosity.

Morna blushed. "Um..erm.." She babbled uselessly.

Augustus paused for a moment, before kissing her lips again. With great tenderness, Augustus began to trail kisses from her lips, to the corner of her mouth, to her cheek, to her jawline, to just behind her ear... and finally, slowly, down the curve of her neck...

Morna shuddered. Shenever allowed anyone this close to her. It was unhealthy in her mind.

Augustus was patient, pausing each time she tensed... and slowly pushing her limits. His tongue slipped out, running along her soft neck. Mmm. Sodium, indeed. Eventually, his lips and tongue reached her collar. Well. This certainly wouldn't do. Augustus lifted his head, studying Morna carefully. "Miss Bones, I'm beginning to think you're a little overdressed..." Augustus murmured, with a slight smile. Thank Salazar the spell was still working.

Morna reached up her hands trembling and undid the top button. Only the top button.

One step at a time... Augustus grinned inwardly, rewarding Morna with a light kiss on the lips before working his way down her neck again -- to her collarbone. Teasing her delicate flesh, Augustus worked Morna's emotions, which were heightened by the spell... C'mon, love, another button...

Morna gasped sharply. Her fingers stayed on the top of her shirt not moving. What in the world am I doing?

Augustus kissed her chest, just above where the buttons still met at the top of her blouse. He then slipped his tongue out, actually drawing it -beneath- the top of her shirt. Just playfully. His hands pushed more firmly on her hips, easing her back on the worktable...

Morna reached up and undid another button. She sighed softly. "Wow.."

Good girl... The Slytherin smiled, snaking his tongue down teasingly. Augustus paused, having now pushed Morna completely flat onto the counter. His hands slid up to her sides, trailing kisses back up to her collarbone and neck. Reaching the softness of her neck, Augustus bit her neck very very lightly.

Gasping again Morna arched a little bit off the table. Unable to form a complete thought she undid another button.

Augustus smirked inwardly, his plans coming to fruition. Augustus planted one last kiss on her lips, before descending again. Down her flushed neck, shoulders, and collarbone... to the milky white of what of her chest was exposed. His tongue flitted over her skin... And then it ended, all too abruptly. Augustus straightened, leaving Morna panting on her back. "It was a pleasure, Miss Bones," Augustus winked, retrieving his own shirt and shrugging it over his shoulders -- still unbuttoned. And with that, Augustus donned his cowboy hat and turned. Just as the last lingering effects of the charm dissipated -- leaving Morna in her former, clear state of consciousness... Buwhahaha!

Morna sat up blinking. "Oh my goodness." She muttered, blushing horribly. Her hands shook violently as she redid her shirt. "That was not proper at all." She whispered telling herself not to cry. She slid off the table and reached for her robes. Tightly bundled up, she began the trek back to the castle.
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