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A Hallway Brawl With A Surprising Finish

Rowland leaned against the window pane of a desolate hallway, critically rechecking his potions homework. Miranda had been rubbing off on him too much, he decided, as he scowled at the work. He wasn't used to homework.

Dai was already in a bad mood, having been thrown off the pitch by the school nurse and called insane for having been out there in the first place. He made his furious way inside just spoiling for a fight - any one of those smug Slytherins deserved it.

Rowland started, hearing someone lumber through the halls. Drawing up to his full height, he peered along the hallway, hoping was Miranda.

Dai spotted Rowland down the hall and immediately glowered at him suspiciously. "What are you doing out here, Lestrange?"
"Planting some flowers." Rowland shot back, rolling his eyes and turning back to his work. Blech, a Gryffindor. "What does it bloody look like I'm doing?"

"Looks like you're doing what Slytherins normally do," Dai snapped. "Plot and brood."

"Yes, your demise." Rowland quipped, flashing the other boy a sarcastic smile. "Now, if you don't mind, I'd like to go back to planning how I was going to do the act..." Rowland bit his bottom lip, suspecting that the Gryffindor would go off and be noble or something equally disgusting, leaving him to finish the potions work.

"You know what's wrong with this school is bloody gits like you with your seventeenth century inbred pureblood wands jammed right up your arses," Dai retorted. "You and your lot are disgusting. Go pollute your own common room."

Rowland calmly displayed his wand to Dai. "Actually, I haven't got my wand up my arse, but thank you for the concern." he retorted evenly. "...And the last time I checked, this was not your common room. So you might want to rephrase that oh-so-pathetic attempt at a dismissal...or whatever that was..." He raised a critical eyebrow and put his wand back into his robes. "And, I assure you, my lot hate your lot just as much as you hate us."

"Alright, so your wand's not up your arse. I could help you out there, if you'd like, and my common room or not, this is still a public hallway and I'm sure no self-respecting Gryffindor, Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff wants you in it," he scoffed. "I'm well aware that there's just as much hate on your side as mine. The difference is, our hate is justified," Dai glowered.

"Is it?" Rowland replied, a hard glint in his eye. The git was starting to get on his nerves. "Honestly, I thought that Gryffindorks were all for being noble, and telling some innocent Slytherin that he can't be in the hallway is certainly not promoting your blessed honor code." Rowland scoffed and rolled his eyes, trying once again to go back to his work, but this time he wasn't concentrating on the parts of the potion. The old side of him was woken up...the angry, bitter side...and as easily as Miranda made him forget it, this git was making him remember.

"We are none of us innocent," Dai said cryptically, "and you lot less than anyone else. Just because you're not quite a prominent in your evil-doing as Riddle doesn't mean I'm above putting you in your place. It's high time the whole lot of you were thrown out of the school."

"You wound me," Rowland responded, glowering at Dai.

"I wish," Dai snapped. "Honestly, if Slytherins are so disgusted with us muggleborns, why don't they just ship out?" he sneered. "Tell me, I'm curious."

Rowland rolled his eyes. "It's simple as this -- this castle holds a great many things which the muggleborns do not even realize." He smiled, letting it sink in, forgetting for the time being of the Chamber, and talking only of materials needed for intense spells and potions. "And if we had our way, we wouldn’t throw you out of the school." he paused, grinning crookedly. "We'd have you all killed."

"Why Lestrange, I do believe that's a threat," Dai drawled. "A threat none of you lot has the balls to go through with. Face it. You're no better than the rest of us, and in fact, you're worse than half of us and you know it. You just haven't got the stones to admit you're wrong."

Rowland stood up, crossing his arms over his chest. "If I didn't know better, I would say you knew that we had the balls." he paused and his smile faded. "You know as well as anyone that the time will soon come when mudbloods like you will be the ones begging for mercy."

"I think not, Lestrange," Dai said with quiet anger - the most dangerous kind. "First of all, gentlemen do not beg, and second of all, I think the time will come much sooner when you're stone cold six feet under, because I'll put you there myself."

"Obviously," Rowland said quietly, his eyes hard. "You've never been tortured. And as for killing me, I doubt you could." I dare you to try.

"Perhaps not," Dai conceded, "But I don't think I'll ever be giving you the opportunity. And don't doubt me, Lestrange. You don't know what the hell I'm capable of."
"I have a good idea," Rowland retorted, starting to feel hot.

"It'll be your first," Dai quipped.

Rowland rolled his eyes. "Welcome to first year."

Dai raised an eyebrow. "Alright, go ahead - prove me wrong. What's your 'great' idea?"

"Wouldn't you like to know." he retorted quickly, turning around and gathering his books. "Now sod off, Gryffindork, before you hurt yourself thinking too strongly."

"Just say another word and we'll see which one of us winds up in the hospital wing," Dai snarled. "Just give me one reason to hex you into next week, Lestrange. It's all I need."
Rowland instinctively turned, bringing out his wand. "IF you even try, I'll kill you."

Dai spread his arms in a bold come-and-get-it gesture, wand already drawn. "Go ahead, Lestrange. First shot's yours. Prove you can take me, I know you're dying to."

Rowland turned around, slammed his wand down on top of his books, and turned around, punching Dai in the jaw.

Dai's head went flying back, nearly cracking his neck, but he immediately swung back using the momentum of Rowland's punch for his own swift jab to Rowland's ribs.

Rowland doubled over, his vision blurred for a second. That was possibly the hardest punch he'd ever received...probably because he wasn't drunk...Throwing his arm back, his fist landed somewhere on Dai's face.

Dai was Irish and had naturally grown up fighting, and he certainly hadn't expected this much of a resistance from Lestrange. He was grudgingly impressed as he aimed a sharp punch to Rowland's stomach and brought his elbow down on the Slytherin's neck.

Rowland sprawled to the ground, knocking his teeth against his lip and splitting it open. Spitting out blood, he quickly stood up, ready for more. Aiming a jab at Dai's ribs, he grabbed the other boy's hair and got in two punches to the face.

The time had come to fight dirty - Dai aimed a sharp knee to the crotch and a nose-shattering punch. "Never pick a fight with an Irishman, Lestrange," he panted with a slight grin.

After his vision cleared, Rowland dizzily ran his hand under his nose...blood. Shite. As best he could, he lunged forwards and used the pain to use Dai's game against him, also kneeing the boy, and punching him with all of his anger in the ribs.

Dai was surprised by the hit and accidentally bit down hard on his lip, feeling the metallic tang of his own blood on his tongue. Furious, he seized Rowland by the neck and proceeded to land several harsh blows to the other boy's face.

Rowland swung blindly, hitting wherever he could, but having no idea, seeing as how his one eye was blurred by pain, and the other one was already shut from the blows.

Smiling to herself, Miranda was intent on reaching the library via a suspiciously deserted hallway. What a coincidence. Turning the corner, the Ravenclaw hugged her textbooks closer to her chest and -- Blink. Alright, why ever are two boys -brawling- in the hallway. And -- "ROWLAND?" Miranda shrieked, dropping her books. Eee!

Rowland felt his arms freeze as he looked over with his good eye and tilted his head so he could see, although he already knew who it was. Shit. All of his anger fled him at once, and the pain came on him like a wall of solid brick. He opted to say silent however, knowing that if he responded, he would be admitting that he knew the girl.

"Rowland," Dai repeated incredulously. "Do you know this git?" he asked, stunned.

Oh... Shoot. Miranda's open-mouthed expression of shock quickly dissolved... into a more-than-slightly embarrassed one. Biting her lip tightly, the girl... just -stared- at Rowland and Dai. Uhhh.
Rowland clenched his jaw, sending another wave of pain through his body. "Fucked her once in the library." he muttered, unable to look at Miranda.

Dai glanced once at the girl and then again at Lestrange, hitting him with the hardest punch yet, sending him flying. "Every time I think you lot have reached a new low, you just keep digging," he spat in disgust.

Okay. Stop staring and -do- something, Miranda. "STOP!" she cried suddenly, abandoning her books to run forward... and well, -grab- Dai. Because he's closer. And right now, she doesn't want to look like she's favoring Rowland. Smart cookie, this one. The Ravenclaw girl seized Dai's forearm. "Stop it, dammit!" Oops. Bad word. But she doesn’t care...

"Stop?" Dai said, not quite sure he was hearing right. "After what he just said? He's scum, Goshawk, and he's not worth defending."

Rowland shook his head, trying to clear his vision. For the moment though, he was out of the game...seeing as how everything was slowly turning light, but still blurry. He could hear though. He's scum, Goshawk, and he's not worth defending. That hurt more then being sent flying by a punch.

"Shut up, dammit!" Miranda snapped at Dai, ignoring her own slightly blurry vision. "What the -hell- do you two think you're doing?" And yes, she glanced -repeatedly- over at Rowland... Eep.

"What do you mean?" Dai asked, completely confused now. "Are you taking his side? He's a Slytherin."

Rowland managed to use the wall to pull himself up. "She's not bloody taking sides," he managed to say after spitting more blood from his mouth. "She's just being a good person."

"Not that you'd know anything about that, Lestrange," Dai snapped. "What makes you think you're so superior anyway? You're nothing."

"I never claimed to be anything else," Rowland replied sharply, wiping his nose with the back of his hand, which was bleeding -again-. "I'm just saying stop bloody talking to her like that."

Miranda glanced sharply at Rowland. "Shut up, Lestrange." And for once, her tone is almost biting. She looked back at Dai, insistently pulling on his arm to drag him back. "I know damn well what a green and silver tie means, thank you. And stop being such a bastard already. Explain yourselves." Huff!

Dai blinked for a moment. He'd forgotten what the fight was even about. It was just a petty stress-reliving scuffle. "I'm afraid I can't explain myself," Dai answered, almost politely. She was a girl after all, and it wasn't her fault.

Rowland scowled at Dai, then turned his back. "You too make a bloody pretty couple," he spat out, walking off slowly. "I'm bloody leaving.

Miranda's glare softened slightly at Dai's politeness... "Alright. Well, I -- " Blink. Glancing at Rowland, Miranda's eyes widened noticeably. "... Rowland, stop." She looked at Dai again, setting her jaw firmly. "Go clean up... or something." And then she moves after Rowland.

Dai looked after them, feeling even more bewildered than ever. He'd never thought he'd see the day that a Ravenclaw addressed a Slytherin by his first name... he wasn't sure he entirely trusted it either.
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