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Post Brawl

Rowland walked as quickly as he could, feeling slightly nauseous. Finding the Room of Requirement was easy enough, and as he slammed the door, echoes of what Dai had said stayed in his head. He's scum, Goshawk, and he's not work defending. Wishing he had a good case of firewhiskeys in the room, Rowland crawled onto the bed and accidentally brushed his eye with the pillow. Groaning, he flipped onto his back, his eye already swelling shut.

Miranda slipped into the room shortly after Rowland, silently cursing herself for leaving her books behind. Typical. She moved quickly to the bed without speaking, obviously looking worried. Checking the pockets of her robes, Miranda withdrew a handkerchief and gently leaned over to brush his brow... "Rowland... just relax..."

Rowland, reacting quickly to the pain, reached up and grabbed Miranda's wrist. "Go away." he answered, his voice hard.

Gasping, Miranda's fingers trembled visibly. "N-no, Rowland... I want to help," she whispered, eyes showing clear confusion and worry.

"Now." was Rowland's oh-so-friendly reply as he shut his good eye. "You saw what I did to Dai, what makes you think I won't do it to you?"

Oh -no- he did not. Miranda frowned immediately, and then leaned down to kiss Rowland firmly, bloodied or not. "-That’s- why," she said sharply, pulling back.

"Dammit Miranda," Rowland breathed, after she had kissed him. "You bloody have two eyes -- you bloody KNOW that my lip is busted, and then you go and bloody kiss me...and..." he stopped. He was supposed to be angry.

"And you have one good eye, right now," she replied evenly, licking her lips quickly. Eh. Blood. "... and if you'll just let me tend to it, you may have both back soon enough."

"You shouldn't be tending to scum." Rowland replied bitterly, knowing he sounded like a child.

Miranda managed to free her wrist, and carefully brushed his hair back away from his eyes. "That was Dai's opinion. I personally think you’re not scum." Pause. "Okay, but you’re damn wonderful scum." Smile.

Rowland couldn't help but smile and then groaned as his lip began to bleed at the effort. "Bloody hell, he's got one hell of a punch..."

"And I saw you punch too... Quite impressive," Miranda said softly, wiping sweat and blood away from his eyes and mouth.

Rowland turned to survey her with his eye. "You think so?"

Miranda smiled, leaning over to kiss his clean forehead. "Yes. You're quite the brawler, Rowland..."

Rowland grinned as best he could, ignoring the pain. "Well when you're drunk at 10, you learn a few things." Chuckling slightly, he reached up and brushed a strand of hair behind her ear. "You know, you're like...a guardian angel or something. I would have gotten my ass kicked if you hadn't have shown up." Okay, so maybe he had a slight head injury...

"Oh hush..." Miranda whispered, smiling as she turned to a little pail of water. It was the Room of Requirement, and water was required. Cleaning her handkerchief, she set to work on tenderly wiping everything clean once more before laying the cool cloth on his swollen eye. "There... now, you just relax, okay?"

"Mm...alright," he said, feeling the world get slightly cloudy. "Funny about that wall. Keeps moving..." with a sigh he held his arms out for Miranda.

Miranda allowed Rowland to draw her closer, actually slipping onto the bed beside the Slytherin. "Shhh. Just try and calm down, okay?" she murmured.

"Malright," Rowland slurred, falling asleep. "LoveyouMirry"

Miranda smiled, kissing his cheek before settling down. "Love you too, Rowland..."
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