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You've got a taste of danger, but now its gone...

Rowland paced the room of the deserted Potion's classroom, his palm sweaty. It had come to this...he was deserting. Another person had been petrified, and this time it hit too close to home. Ravenclaw. Miranda was a Ravenclaw. Pushing his thoughts away from her for a minute he rubbed his forehead tiredly, his shoulders seeming to sag under the enormous weight of the decision. He was going to loose everything...but then he would be able to tell Miranda the truth if she asked. It would all blow over to. In any case, however, he didn't want to be part of something that could hurt her. That would hurt her, unless he did something. But first he had to get out of it.

Tom pushed open the door to the empty potions lab and swept into the room. He looked tired, but immensely pleased with himself all the same. It was a rather pleasant feeling, knowing you were responsible for terrorizing the school and writing off mudbloods at the same time. Life had hit a new all time high for a Mr. Tom Riddle. All he had to do was finish that bonding spell and everything would be complete. "Good evening
Lestrange, what's the reason for this little meeting?"

"I want out."Rowland said simply, sweating under his composed manner.

Tom quickly hid his shock, out? How could he want out? This was the best thing to happen to the school and he just wanted out, no way. "I think I misunderstood you Rowland. Did you say you want out?"

"You heard me, Tom." he said quietly, looking sharply at the other boy. "I don't want a part in this anymore."

"Oh I see," Tom said, his voice dangerous. "After pledging your fealty and you life you decided on a whim that you just don't want to do this anymore? Or do you have another reason?"

"I never pledged anything, Riddle," Rowland responded, his voice icy. "I said I was in when you asked, and now I want out, and I'm asking. It's not like I'm going to go and tattle on you to some teacher like...Dumbeldore or something."

"I don't think you understand this organization Lestrange, or the way things are working. Once you're in, you can't get out." Tom's green eyes were blazing, how dare he.

"I don't give a damn about your code, or what have you,
Riddle." he shot back. Things were going badly. Very badly. "And I want out.
This isn't up for discussion."

"Rowland, Rolwand, Rowland," Tom said shaking his head,
"Once again you seem not to understand me. When you're in, you're in. And I have my ways of making sure you stay in and remain loyal. This isn't a discussion, this is me being very nice and re-stating the rules for you.
It's a matter of leverage Lestrange."

Rowland inwardly flinched. Ways of making sure you stay in and remain loyal... "You don't frighten me, Tom." he said shortly, his voice a great deal stronger and calmer then he felt.

"Perhaps that may be true, I don't frighten you, but it doesn't matter, because there are plenty of others whose hearts I can strike fear into. And you, I can teach you fear Lestrange. Tempt me and I'll let loose the fires of hell around everyone you hold dear."

"I don't hold anyone dear," he lied, raising an eyebrow lazily. "So I suppose you would loose your power." he walked past Tom to the door, his hand on the handle. "Tom, I'm out."

Tom grabbed his hand and held it in a death grip, reveling
in the feeling of Rowlands bones shifting under his grip, "Does the name
Miranda Goshawk ring any bells Lestrange," Tom hissed. "Because it seems highly important to me."

Rowland felt suddenly as if someone had kicked him in the chest. He simply stared at Tom. "What?" he hissed, his heart pounding so hard against his chest he felt lightheaded.
"You heard me Lestrange." Tom's grip tightened. "Did you honestly think that I didn't know? That you'd managed to sneak it by me. I make it my job to know."

Rowland paled, ignoring the pain in his wrist...already knowing there would be a bruise. "...How." he asked, his voice soft and menacing.

"That is none of your concern." Tom radiated menace. "You're only concern it seems. With Goshawk. Which is highly misguided."

Rowland looked down at his hand, which was white, the blood cut off. And strangely, he didn't feel pain, or worry...or anything. His greatest fear...was discovered. Now what? "...You can't scare me, Riddle." he stated, for the second time that night.

Tom laughed, yes laughed, a sinister, evil, malicious laugh. "On the contrary Lestrange, I see the fear in your eyes. You're scared for Miranda, and on some level you're scared for yourself."

"You wouldn't touch her." He said, starting to shake slightly from the physical and emotional hold Tom had on him.

Tom's eyes became icy even as he spoke, "do you really want to find out Lestrange? Because if so," he let go of Rowland's hand. "Walk out that door. Walk away and see just how far I'll go."

Rowland felt everything within him slowly breaking down... He didn't doubt Tom. He knew what he was capable of. "I'll report you."

"Even try it and I'll kill her." Tom said menacingly. "You know I can and I will. I'll torture her and kill her slowly and I'll make you watch every single last painful bit, I'll make you hear every single scream she makes, and when she begs you to make me stop, you won't be able
to do anything."

Rowland tried to breathe, taking gulps of air, but it never seemed to reach his lungs. He looked down, biting his lip, fighting off visions of Miranda. "Fine." he said, his voice breaking. "Fine."

Tom nodded, "Don't ever even think of pulling something like this again Lestrange. Don't even put one more toe out of line.

Rowland nodded dumbly.

"Very good." He nodded towards the door, "you're free to
go. But know I'll be watching you."

Rowland stared at Tom with such hatred that if he had control of himself he would have killed him. Slowly, he turned and walked from the room with as much indifference as he could try to grasp.
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