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Tillie Bagshot

Tillie ran her fingers through her hair, and straightened her skirt. She knew she probably shouldn’t be in the dungeons this late at night, but she had had to finish her potions assignment. As she stepped out in the hall, she subconsciously quickened her step. You’re silly, she thought to herself. No one would be out this late, and you’re a prefect! You could hand out a detention to someone out past curfew.

Tom entered the dungeons behind Tillie. Walking quietly he stayed a few steps behind her, not exactly being heard. He had a rather freakish ability to completely silent when walking so it seemed like he just appeared behind you. He rolled his eyes as she quickened her steps, honestly. He decided he’d make his presence known. Give her a right fright, just for kicks. “Out and about at this hour Bagshot? And in the dungeons, you could get hurt. Seeing what happened to those other two people.”

Tillie stiffened. One of them had come from her very house. She bit her lip, and turned slowly, trying to keep cool, calm and collected. “You act like you had something to do with it, Riddle,” she said.

Tom shook his head, his face hidden in the shadows, “not at all. But a prefect like you should know better than to be up and about at this hour of the evening. As the teachers have said, the Castle’s not safe anymore.”

Tillie straightened up. “I think I can take care of myself,” she said, calmly.

“You sure about that? After all, some of them were the best witches in their year.” Tom smirked and leaned against the wall.

“But can you really avoid it? Especially of you don’t know it’s coming. Or know what it is.”

“I’m sure I could figure it out,” she said, much more arrogant than she felt. “I’m a Ravenclaw, after all.”

Tom gave her a skeptical look, “you sure about that. I’m head boy and top of my year and I haven’t figured it out.”

“Oh,” she said. “Well,” she smirked, “we could figure it out –together-.”

Tom was taken aback, but quickly recovered. “You’ve got to be deluded.” was this girl psycho or something. Work it out together? Um hello!

“Oh, really?” She twisted her hair, around her hand and leaned against the wall.

“Yes really! What possibly makes you think that even for one smidgen of a second that I’d work together with you. You must be crazy or something to that degree. Because you’re obviously not thinking reasonably.” Shit, now he was starting to let his temper get away from him. Calm down Tom.

Her smirk raised, “I’m not am I?”

“No, you’re obviously not. It’s blatant really.” Tom shook his head, “are all your fellow Ravenclaw year mates this nutty? Or is it just you.”’

Tillie paused. “You tell me,” she said, taking a step toward him. “It’s not what I’d call ‘nutty’, however.”

Tom glared at her, “oh really? Then what would you call it?”

She laughed. “I don’t know. I never thought I should be in Ravenclaw.”

“That much is obvious,” Tom glowered, “you obviously don’t think much at all.”

She rolled her eyes. “Oh come on, Tom. I’m supposed to believe this innocent act?”

“What act? Honestly Bagshot what are you rattling on about?”

Tillie studied him for a moment. “Nothing,” she said, turning around.

“Well then Bagshot, have a great time. I’m very sure I won’t be seeing you soon.”

She turned and glared at him. “Don’t be so cocky, Tom. It’s going to be bad for you in the end.”

“Bad for me?” He put on an air of superiority. “Why do you say that?”

She shrugged. “No reason. It’s just that power tends to go to peoples’ heads.”

Tom balled his hands into fists, “Watch yourself Bagshot.”

“I will,” she said, in a sing-song voice as she rounded the corner. “Be sure of it.”

Tom glared at her retreating back. She had to be dealt with, and soon.

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