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Tom sat in the common room in a chair muttering about how he was most definitely coming down with something. The leader of the supreme evil and scorn of Hogwarts could not ever come down with the godforsaken common cold.

Merrick slid his hands into his pockets as the portrait moved back into position behind him and the velvet curtain of green so dark it was nearly black swished back over the entrance to the Slytherin common room. His dark eyes lit on Tom and he immediately made his way to the older boy. "I've been looking for you," he said, in lieu of greeting. "You've made yourself remarkably scarce lately."

Tom rolled his eyes, “I’ve been very busy lately. Things just happen to get in the way that’s all.” He scrunched his nose up to hold back a sneeze. No way was he sick. Nope, not happening. He wouldn’t allow it. “So, tell me everything….. about Fabio Nott that is.”

Merrick couldn't hold back a smirk. "It turns out that he has been concealing something, rather badly perhaps, but nothing immediately dangerous. Nott's a pouf," Merrick said without further preamble and a rather amused look.

Tom managed not to look shocked. “Shock me, shock me, shock me,” he muttered. “It’s a wonder neither of us never thought of it before. With a name like Fabio…. Well the odds were against him from the start that’s for sure.” He thought for a little while. “Is there a way we could use this to our advantage?”

"Quite possibly," Merrick said. "You're aware of course of my family's history," he said, referring to his incubus blood. "I can sense desire, and it seems Nott's taken quite a liking to me that transcends fraternity, if you take my meaning. This could make him quite a maleable pawn in the future."

Tom grimaced, “oh that’s just disgusting. No offence Merrick. But yes, maybe we can use that. I’ll need you to talk to him again.”

"Anything for the Order," Merrick answered emotionlessly. "You have a use for him then?"

“I’ve heard things about his family. Find them out.”

"That should be easy enough," Merrick said with a curt nod, already formulating a surefire plan in a dark corner of his mind. "Is that all?"

Tom nodded, “yes that’s everything,” he said before sneezing violently. “shit,” he muttered.

Merrick raised an eyebrow. "Headcold, I assume? Somehow it wouldn't seem very evil if you had allergies. Though a headcold isn't all that intimidating either."

Tom rolled his eyes and flashed Merrick a menacing look. “Fuck off Rosier.”

Merrick just gave him a cocky half smile and thrust his hands into his pockets. "I'll see what I can do about Nott," he called as he strolled out of the common room without a backward glance.
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