Alastor Moody (not_mad_moody) wrote in deletrius_rpg,
Alastor Moody

Alastor leaned against the wall, trying to look menacing, but it wasn’t quite working. He lowered his eyelids, keeping his eye out for sneaky Slytherins. He didn’t even react when someone’s shadow darkened him.

Linda leaned against Alastor, as if not realizing he was there. At the very last minute, when all her weight was on his side, she turned and burst into a grin. "Ello Ali Lastor!!" she said loudly.

Alastor glared. “What’re you doing out like that? Don’t you know there’s a – a – something going around?”

Linda thoughtfully chewed on her bottom lip. "Yes, but I seriously doubt that you were honestly frightened by me. I mean, if that were the case, you would have screamed like a girlie, wouldn't you?" she grinned slightly, though her eyes seemed to be distanct. "...Do you know anything though?...about it?"

“I –don’t- scream like a girlie. And I –do- know something about it.” He winked. “It’s confidential.”

Linda raised a brow. "Confidential? What else is new?"

“Not much. I do have my suspicions about who is doing these terrible things. Surely a Slytherin.” He made a face.

"You think that everything that goes wrong is at the hands of a Slytherin. You manage to burn off all of your eyebrows and you blame it on a Slytherin. Really, Ali, you ought to find a new hobby." Linda grinned happily, depositing her books into his arms.

“Well, this time, it MUST be a Slytherin,” said Alastor, confidently.

Linda shook her head, although not very convincingly.

He raised an eyebrow. “No offense meant, lass, but do you really think it was a Hufflepuff?”

Linda shrugged as they walked along the corridors, which were unusually quiet. "All I'm saying is that everyone is innocent until proven guilty."

“Then, I’m going to be the one who proves the little snake guilty.”

"Why?" Linda asked, tilting her head to look at him. "Why this quest to condemn all Slytherins? You know, there's bound to be at least -one- good one within the lot..." Like that one that Miranda liked...Rodoulf...or...Rowing...

“In all my years, I’ve yet to meet one. If you want to introduce me to one…” he smirked. “I’m all ears.”

Linda grinned and crossed her arms over her chest. "Well, that sounds like a challenge, Ali..." she mused thoughtfully for a minute.

Alastor raised an eyebrow. “You know a nice Slytherin.”

"I can find out." she quipped.

He smirked. “Sure. Try.”

Linda grinned. "Deal," she grabbed her books from Alastor. "See you at dinner, old chap!" she yelled behind her shoulder as she walked off towards the common room

“See you,” Alastor called, as he watched her go. A Nice Slytherin.</b> he thought. Impossible.</b>

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